Sunday, February 17, 2013

Its Fishing Time

Over at My Sheri Crafts this two weeks we are celebrating FISHING TIME!!! :)  My card this go around is to my brother for his b'day coming up soon.  This reminds me of all the summers we spent out on the fishing banks of CO so am hoping he will like it!!!

Both the fish and reel are cut from the Camping Out cartridge.  Paper I got at HL and the green paper ribbon was something i saw at a store and thought hmmmmm i can do that myself! LOL!

Come on over and help us reel in some good finds!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Love Is In The Air

Hey gals and Happy Almost There Valentines!!! :)  Over at My Sheri Crafts this two weeks we are celebrating love in the air!  I wanted to go outside the norm and do a project along with a card so hope that you enjoy it!!! 

Start with any size of smooth styrofoam wreath.  I covered it with a solid colored piece of fabric before adding the tulle.  Cutting pieces of tulle relatively the same sizes or a bit smaller all depending on you preference! One layer of each color all the way around with as many colors added in as wanted! I then added the flowers that I got from HL in both the floral and scrapbooking sections.  After that I added in some stemmed feathers also from HL along with some Christmas tree decorations that I bought 80% off at Walmart after the holidays!  All in all it came out to be quite snazzy and my youngest daughter loved it so much she decided it was HERS! :)  The card I decided to make just because I was feeling in the red white and black valentines mood.....The jar of hearts is from Michaels with the flowers and ribbon from HL!  Come on over and show us the love you have for your family and friends!!!